The Girls Inc. delivery method is unique, intentional, interactive and meaningful in every way. Girls Inc. uses a learning theory called the experiential learning cycle which is based on experiences, discussions, interactive activities and reflections.


Every Girls Inc. activity is hands-on, engaging, influential, welcoming and inclusive. 

In the Girls Inc. environment, girls learn life skills by engaging in activities together. Some examples of experiential learning include role-play, group discussions, problem solving, group interactions, playing games, and friendly competitions. Another example of experiential learning is taking a trip to the zoo to learn about animals, careers, care-taking, and educational experiences. The trip to the zoo is interactive and engaging. 

Through the Girls Inc. Delivery Model, girls learn knowledge, skills and attitudes that can be applied to their lives immediately. Girls learn how to use their new skills in their present lives and they learn how to share those skills with their peers, family members and teachers. Girls Inc. takes pride in this interactive and experiential approach to delivering programs. At Girls Inc. you will not see lecture-style activities. Instead, you will see girls moving around, talking, solving problems, expressing themselves and thriving in positive environments. 

The Girls Inc. delivery model allows girls to be themselves in a pro-girl environment that promotes growth, learning and acceptance. The Girls Inc. environment is equitable, inclusive and diverse which establishes a safe place to have discussions about the important issues girls are facing. Professional, trained, Girls Inc. staff facilitate all of the activities and discussions with the girls.