The Girls Inc. experience leads to positive outcomes for each girl.



Girls grow up to be:


Girls Inc. girls gain knowledge to embrace positive body image, physical activity, and nutrition, while decreasing or delaying substance use and risky sexual behaviors.

Positive body image…

  • 77% of Girls Inc. girls are happy with their bodies, compared to 48% nationally.

Decreasing risky behaviors…

  • 50% of Girls Inc. girls are less likely to abuse prescription drugs, compared to the national average.
  • 76% of Girls Inc. girls are less likely to abuse alcohol, compared to the national average.


Girls increase their love of learning, improve classroom performance, explore STEM and non-traditional careers, and aspire to and plan for exciting career goals and education beyond high school.

Commitment to Education

Girls Inc. fosters a commitment to education by providing girls with resources to grow in subjects that interest them and confidence to pursue their dreams.

  • 9 out of 10 Girls Inc. girls care about doing well in school;
  • Like learning new things; and
  • Enjoy a healthy curiosity, pursuing subjects that interest them.


Changing the Face of STEM

Girls Inc. provides potential for girls to close the gender gap in STEM fields for the next generation by engaging girls in programs that foster learning in math and science.

  • 89% of girls find science and math interesting
  • 80% of girls believe they can handle harder math and science


On Track to Graduate

High School completion is critical to success.

  • 79% of Girls Inc. teens are on track to graduate


Girls build life skills to set and achieve goals, have healthy relationships, and increase resilience in the face of obstacles to live productive and fulfilling lives.


Girls Are Leaders

Girls Inc. girls look to the future with the confidence that they can make a positive difference.

  • 90% of girls are hopeful for their future
  • 92% of girls believe they can solve real-life problems


What I’ve learned
In the 6th grade, I was afraid of both people, and especially, failure. Girls Inc. gave me a sense of power I did not know I was capable of …Girls Inc. has truly empowered me. I went from a girl filled with self-doubt, negative thoughts and daily cry sessions to an independent young woman. I trust in the fact that I have the right to an opinion. Girls Inc. taught me that no one can take my voice away. Through Girls Inc. I have taken a leadership role and work to help those who feel like the 6th grade version of me to project their voices loudly and clearly. Girls Inc. has given me a safe haven and toolbox filled with essentials for life. I have gained unbelievable confidence, and I know I am strong, smart, bold and beautiful."

Nicole, 11th Grade