It’s Women’s History Month!


Women’s History Month is a time to reflect on the trailblazers that made and continue to make a difference in the world. Women’s History Month is a time to honor the many women who are comfortable making others uncomfortable for a common goal of protecting women’s rights. Women’s History Month is a time to highlight the many audacious women who are blazing trails for all of us.
In today’s four-part series, we’re taking it back to the beginning to share the story of GIGH founder and first Executive Director Dolores Fuller.
In 1992, Dolores Fuller and her family relocated from Carpinteria, CA, where her daughter was actively involved in a Girls Inc. affiliate to Houston, TX, where Girls Inc. did not exist. Dolores quickly realized she missed the support and positive impact that Girls Inc. provided for her daughter. Armed with her visionary spirit and passion, she worked tirelessly with the Girls Inc. national office to incorporate Girls Inc. of Greater Houston.
Girls Inc. of Greater Houston came to life in 1995 from Dolores’ home and incorporated in 1996!
We salute you, Dolores!
Today, we serve over 1,700 girls across Greater Houston impacting their lives for the better.
Now, more than ever, every single one of us must use our voice to uplift and advance women and girls. At Girls Inc. of Greater Houston, we are helping future generations find theirs.
Please consider investing in the girls of Houston to inspire them to be strong, smart, and bold.
Celebrate with us!
  • Be Yourself Partnership $100 – Your investment will provide healthy snacks for 20 girls.
  • Be Inspiring Partnership $500 – Your investment will help one girl attend one of our summer camps.
  • Be a Champion Partnership $1,000 – Your investment will support Teen Leadership Circles where girls build relationships, life skills, confidence, and celebrate the potential of all women.
  • Be Bold Partnership $2,500 – Your investment will sponsor STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering/Entrepreneurial, Arts, Math) programming.
  • Be Smart Partnership $10,000.00 – Your investment allows us to offer beyond-classroom experiences such as multi-college tours, career field trips, and pro-women conferences.

Give today!