Bold = Bright, Outstanding, Laudable, Distinguished

The BOLD Leaders Initiative (BLI) is a program which specializes in leadership and college and career readiness for young women in high school. The use of research-based curricula and professionally trained staff align together to develop these young women into peer leaders. In addition to professionally trained staff, volunteers and mentors join us to offer career perspectives and experiences.

BLI consists of four components:
Research-based curricula

Skill development workshops

Civic service projects

Academic engagement

This program is offered throughout the community all year-round. The experience girls get in this program are unique and diversified. They learn about SAT and ACT tests, soft skills, how to apply for financial aid, interview skills, and career trends. The girls also get the chance to meet professional women who are in various fields of work. The goal is to provide exposure to as many careers as possible so girls are aware of the diverse career options available to them.

A unique part of this program includes opportunities to apply for local scholarships. If girls commit to starting the program as early as 13 years old they will have good chances to apply for these scholarships.

If you are interested in participating in the BOLD Leaders Initiative (BLI), please email [email protected].