The Girls Inc. of Greater Houston Financial Literacy program promotes financial education and a positive relationship with money among our youth.

Learning the concepts of financial literacy at an early age is essential to ensuring a girl’s confidence to make informed decisions about her future. By changing girls’ attitudes, mindset and behaviors about money and wealth, we can change the trajectory of their lives.

Girls ages 6-18 can participate in this program. Some of the concepts girls learn about are:
Saving money

Determining between wants and needs

Managing a budget


Stock markets and investing

Their role in the economy

This program is intriguing to girls because their role in the economy plays an important role in the concepts they will learn. The girls enjoy working in groups to solve financial scenarios and then present their ideas to their peers. We also bring in guest speakers from women who are currently working in the field of finance. The goal is to have the girls meet someone who will answer their career-related questions and help them understand what it is to work in a financial position.

While this program is typically offered through in-person settings, we are currently offering this program virtually as well. We have take-home kits available so your daughter can participate in the online programs and have all the supplies she needs!

If you are interested in participating in Financial Literacy, please email [email protected].