Increase a girl’s love of learning!



Girls Inc. identifies SMART to academic enrichment.

Girls are SMART; but society and many institutions limit their experiences and aspirations by underestimating their intellect and rewarding girls for downplaying their intelligence. Girls Inc. helps awaken the hidden potential inherent in each girl. Providing girls with the education enrichment, encouragement, and guidance they need to succeed in life. Programs, like the Be Bold Institute, motivate girls to achieve and improve their academic performance; encouraging them graduate from high school and complete a post-secondary education.

Girls Inc. program activities and experiences that expand on and support a girl’s school-based learning and engagement lead them to:

  • have an improved outlook and performance in school
  • set personal, educational, and career goals
  • improve academic/school performance
  • have educational aspirations beyond high school

The Girls Inc. experience helps girls increase their love of learning, improve performance in school, explore STEM and non-traditional careers, and aspire to and plan for education beyond high school. A pro-girl, girls-only environment at Girls Inc. encourages girls to embrace the power of being a girl and feel safe to try new things. Girls actively engage in hands on activities created from inquiry based programs.

You can help us inspire girls to be smart and think about their future by becoming a partner of Girls Inc. of Greater Houston today. For this holiday season consider the Gift of Camp for the Holidays. We offer camp scholarships to girls who want to attend our spring break and summer day camps but have limited resources. For many girls, this scholarship fund is the only way for them to attend camp. While any amount is welcomed and will help send girls to camp, a gift of $500 will fund a whole camp experience for one girl.

How girls in programs define what smart means to them.