Volunteers are essential to the work that we do and help in a number of ways.

Volunteers are essential to Girls Inc.’s mission of inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold.
Volunteers play a key role at Girls Inc. by making it possible to deliver our programs and resources to girls we serve. With the support of people like you, we become that much closer to achieving our organization’s mission. Join us today!

As a Girls Inc. volunteer, you are able to:

  • Build positive and nurturing relationships with Girls Inc. participants
  • Support program staff in the development of activities
  • Assist with the facilitation of curricula and program activities
  • Provide ongoing communication with program staff

During your volunteer service, you may gain experience in:

  • Assisting with program development
  • Working with a specific target youth population
  • Providing gender specific programming
  • Opportunity for personal growth and creativity
  • Promoting diverse learning experiences program facilitation

We have many opportunities for individuals, corporate and community members to volunteer. Also, we are proud to offer internship opportunities for high school, college, and graduate students.

Weekly Volunteer and Intern Positions

Your time, talent and compassion are what truly change the lives of our girls. The message you send to our girls is clear... someone cares.

Elementary Programs (ages 5-12)
Elementary Program Assistant (School year only working with 1st-6th graders)

  • Develop a supportive environment for the 1st-6th-grade girls while providing safe and supervised activities. Assist staff in executing Girls Inc. programs like STEM, financial literacy, health & nutrition, and more.

Teen Programs (ages 12-18)
Programming Volunteer (School year only)

  • Assist Girls Inc. staff by co-facilitating a 10-week curriculum that’s held at middle and high schools in the Greater Houston community. Gain experience preparing lessons, distributing materials during the program, managing small groups, completing data, and more.

Summer Camp Volunteer (Summer only)

  • Support our summer camps that provides a hands-on, girl-focused approach to the Girls Inc. Operation SMART (Science, Math and Relevant Technology) program. Summer camps also encompass sports, self-defense and personal development activities that empower girls to thrive in areas important to their present and future selves. Help support the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of adolescent girls.

STEM Volunteer (Year-round)

  • This position is for individuals interested in assisting with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) programs. This role involves curriculum development, facilitation, and workshop prep.

After you submit the necessary paperwork, and are approved, you will be able to sign-up for the volunteer opportunities you are qualified for. If you are completing an academic internship, please be aware that we accept interns from any major program, not just child development studies.

Weekly Volunteer Time Commitment and Schedule
The minimum time commitment for volunteering is at least one day a week for a minimum of 12 weeks during the school year and one day a week for the length of the summer camp.

Volunteers who are unable to commit to a regular schedule are able to:

  • Learn about our one-time volunteer opportunities
  • Limited weekend and weeknight volunteer opportunities available. Please contact us at gi@girlsinc-houston.org for more information.

Academic Intern and Volunteer Responsibilities
In addition to committing to the minimum time requirement, as a student completing an academic internship, field study, community service project, etc. you are also responsible for:

Tracking your own hours

  • If you need to get to X amount of hours you are in charge of making sure you get to X hours
  • Site supervisors will not sign off on hours that are not already completed or documented
  • We will only count hours listed on sign-in sheet for credit

Please contact your supervisor for more volunteer opportunities in a timely manner if you need more hours

Remembering to sign in and out at every volunteer shift

Giving at least two-week notice to supervisors when evaluations are due

Notifying supervisors at least 2 weeks in advance when you plan to end your service

One-time Volunteer Opportunities

Your passion and involvement are what truly changes the lives of our girls. Whether you come with a group, or on your own, the message you send to the girls is clear… someone cares.

Girls Inc. of Greater Houston Events
Sign up to support us at an upcoming Girls Inc. event or be added to our contact list for future opportunities.

Educational Workshops
The perfect opportunity for businesses and their employees to run workshops at a school site on topics like entrepreneurship, photography, sports and fitness, economic literacy, communication skills and more.

Community and Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

Corporate Groups
You and your company’s support and involvement are what truly change the lives of our girls. Many of our girls have limited access to career opportunities that most of us take for granted. Your time, talent and passion can make a world of difference in a young girl’s life. The message you send to the girls is clear… someone cares.

Career/ Educational Workshops
Engage girls in having fun while learning about your business practice through hands-on activities. Create a workshop geared towards a specific age group that shares your hobby or passion.

Career Panels and Mock Interviews
Sit on a career panel or participate in mock interviews. You, along with a small group of individuals, have the opportunity to share your story, interviewing skills, and professional tips with our girls.

Host a drive to collect items like school supplies, books, or supplies needed. Each quarter something new needed.

Program Sponsor
Help fund a field trip, program or special activity for the girls. Provide necessary program materials through an in-kind donation.

Volunteers who are interested must undergo a criminal background check.

Click here to fill out the Volunteer Application: http://bit.ly/BeAGIVolunteer or click here to download a volunteer application.

If you are interested, please contact us at 713-802-2260 or electronically at gi@girlsinc-houston.org.


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Volunteers are essential to the work that we do and help in a number of ways. Find out more.

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