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"For Any Occasion" Cards

Check out the "For Any Occasion" cards that Andrea White donated to us in honor of the 16th Annual Girls Inc. Luncheon!!

It comes in a set of 10 cards and envelopes. All the cards are hand made by The Lone Cupcake - www.thelonecupcake.com.

Click here if you would like to purchase a set of cards online. Cards are $20 for a set of 10 cards and envelopes, plus $5 for shipping. Under "Gift Information" fill in the amount of $25, then in the "Additional Information" box below, note your Name, Address, Phone and Email.

There are three cards of each image and the 10th card says Be Yourself.

All cards are hand made by The Lone Cupcake.

There is a cute note that you get when you make your purchase.


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