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Advocacy Statement

With our vision of empowered girls and an equitable society and our mission of inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, nationally Girls Incorporated has been committed to advancing the rights of girls for over 140 years. We believe passionately that every girl is entitled to the opportunity to envision her best self as well as the tools to strive to become the person she wants to be. Our programs, carefully researched, evaluated, and grounded in the collective experience of all Girls Inc. organizations, have given millions of girls in the United States and Canada just such tools and opportunities.

Girls Inc. also works tirelessly, in partnership with the girls and young women we serve, to advocate for social change that ensures the world is more welcoming of strong, smart, and bold girls. From supporting and defending girls' rights to equitable educational opportunities to advocating for the inclusion of protections for girls in anti-violence legislation, Girls Inc. is consistently on the forefront of the public and policy debates that affect girls' lives.
These advocacy statements, first created over a quarter century ago and adopted by the entirety of Girls Inc., are at once the expression of our values and the guiding principles of our social engagement. An articulation of our convictions, they are the framework within which we pursue our mission and our vision.

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Girls' Bill of Rights


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