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The National Resource Center of Girls Inc. is located in Indianapolis and is the center of all things GIRL! If you are ever looking for information on the status of girls and women in the United States, the National Resource Center is the place to find it.

The National Resource Center in addition to housing statistics and information on the life of girls and women in the United States, it is also the place where Girls Inc. programming is researched, developed, and tested.

Girls Inc. is the leader in research and information concerning girls that is not only relevant to the present, but the past as well. A library is available onsite that includes everything published on the lives of women and girls throughout United States history.

Researchers from Girls Inc., are also responsible for conducting studies and research on all topics involving girls. The Girls Inc. National Resource Center has published such groundbreaking research as:

Taking the Lead: Girls' Rights in the 21st Century
Choosing Community: Girls Get Together to Be Themselves
The Supergirl Dilemma: Girls Grapple with the Mounting Pressures of Expectations

In addition, the National Resource Center also provides tips and proven methods for caretakers to work with the girls in their lives. Fact sheets cover everything from financial literacy to talking to a girl about puberty. Nearly all of their information is available on their website and is available for free to anyone. You may also order multiple copies of booklets and other materials as well through the national website.

To have online access to all these resources you can find them at:

Or you may call or write them at:

41 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3233
Phone: 317-634-7546


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